The Lincoln County Auditor’s Office:

The Lincoln County Auditor is responsible for establishing, implementing, and monitoring the accounting and budgeting systems for the County. They also monitor compliance with internal control procedures, oversee accounts payable activities, and monitor and evaluate the condition of the budget and funds as well as conducting physical inventories.

This includes working with all departments to assure they stay within their budget, reviewing daily receipts from various departments, countersigning all liquor licenses, staying compliant with all statutes and laws pertaining to the office, compiling the SEFA report each year, and serving on the Board of Equalization.

The Lincoln County Auditor is an elected office with a four-year term.

History of Lincoln County Auditors:
Lincoln County became a Class 2 County in 2010.
Our first auditor was appointed to meet the State requirements, the first election was held in November of 2010.

2010:                 Jim Volmert
2011 – 2014:     Deanna Dickmeyer
2015 – 2020:     Barbara R. Wehde
2021 – 2022:     Carrie E. Ward